“Whatever the obstacle…just keep moving forward”

My name is Abdu Mohamed

I was born in Sudan (my family is originally from Eritrean), and raised in a village called Aboda, located in east Sudan. I migrated to Australia in October 2013 at age 15.

I joined Harristown High school in 2014 and finished in 2018. I’ve had work experience in the Construction Industry, having completed a Cert I in Construction (CPC10111). I am currently completing a Cert I in Business Administration (BSB10115) with CEDAR Centre as part of “ The Diversity Project”. I recently received my citizenship and am very excited. One thing that keeps me motivated is the saying “Ken Poirot” which means

“whatever the obstacle, you can overcome it and achieve success as long as you just keep moving forward”

I enjoy playing soccer. By the time I finish this course, I want to achieve full time employment suiting the experience that I have had at CEDAR Centre.