CEDAR Centre finds its new home in Anzac Avenue


Contact: Claire Morris, GM – CEDAR Centre Toowoomba

Phone: 07 4512 6770

Email: gm@cedarcentre.com.au

A hundred ways to say hello, balloons, and colour surrounded students, trainees, employees, government representatives, and other local influentials excitedly celebrating inside the new home to Toowoomba’s CEDAR Centre – 218 Anzac Avenue, Toowoomba.

Geoff McDonald, Toowoomba Deputy Mayor, opened the ceremony praising CEDAR Centre staff on successfully reopening the new location and providing an outstanding service to our community whilst in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CEDAR Centre (known as Toowoomba Education Centre prior to 2015) has given education opportunities to students from a huge variety of backgrounds since 1976. General Manager, Claire Morris stated the new location will welcome adult students.

“We are so excited to be in our new space! Our students and team are thriving in the new premises and we are able to offer much more opportunity to learn.” Ms Morris.

David Wallis, CEDAR Centre Chair said, “We are proud of CEDAR Centre and its uniqueness. The diversity CEDAR Centre encompasses sets us apart as a training organisation.”

CEDAR Centre offers education opportunities to all members of the community to up-skill or gain certifications in the areas of hospitality, mental health, early childhood, business administration, education support, community services, and support work.

Ms Morris and her team are very proud of the diversity and inclusive education found at CEDAR Centre, “Our students are from all walks of life, from new Australians, to high school graduates, to mothers re-entering the workforce, to workers wishing to upskill or go for a promotion. “

Anyone wishing to look at enrolment opportunities with CEDAR Centre can email info@cedarcentre.com.au or phone (07) 4512 6770.

To see more information about CEDAR Centre, see website https://cedarcentretoowoomba.com/

Cr Geoff MacDonald, David Janetzki MP, Deputy Chairperson Gitie House (OAM), The Diversity Project Trainees, Chairperson David Wallis, and GM Claire Morris


For more information on this media release or about CEDAR Centre, please contact Claire Morris on 07 4512 6770.