Meet the team behind the Job Assist Expo

Our team behind the successful Job Assist Expo held on 10 February 2020 at Toowoomba City Library, were CEDAR Centre trainees of ‘The Diversity Project’: Kelly Mutzelberg, Mitchell Slattery, Michael Hunter, Dilveen Khider, Michael Gorring, Claire Whittaker, Zoe Tsaliagoes and Amie Klein. Like many events we attend, attendees are often oblivious to the hard work required behind the scenes. We are taking a moment to acknowledge the exceptional effort made by these trainees. What makes this particularly noteworthy is that most of our trainees had never been involved in planning or organising an event before! 

These trainees began by disseminating data from survey forms, collecting and analysing this data. They then identified and corresponded with potential organisations and interested businesses both electronically and over the phone. In addition, they designed and printed flyers and other promotional material, which they then distributed across different venues in the city to gain a broader and wider reach. Dividing into groups they researched specific sectors, collected data and produced informational material via PowerPoint presentations. They also designed and formatted detailed booklets of their findings.

 On the day of the Job Assist Expo, each group gave a presentation to the public. This was a huge undertaking as none of the trainees had experience with public speaking before! Their nervousness was understandable however, they overcame their fears and took on the stage without hesitation. Congratulations and a hearty “well done” to our CEDAR Centre trainees from The Diversity Project!

The Diversity Project is proudly funded by the Queensland Government through Skilling Queenslander for work.