CEDAR Centre Community collaborates within our local community networks building social and cultural involvement. Our mission is to facilitate and support a culture of lifelong learning and evolution of ideas. Everyone wins when we work together.

Positive Practices

Our vision is a learning community that is empowered, sustainable and compassionate. We encourage and support the positive social mobility of our community through education, development, research and a commitment to sustainable practices.

Community Development

We are a Not-for-Profit Community-Based Organisation. We specifically design programs to sustainably integrate and complement training to obtain the best chance for success for participants to gain employment in their chosen field.

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The Diversity Project - Good News Stories

Capacity to learn is a gift, Ability to learn is a skill, Willingness to learn is a choice!


The Diversity Project - Good News Stories

“Whatever the obstacle…just keep moving forward”

My name is Abdu Mohamed I was born in Sudan (my family is originally from Eritrean), and raised in a village called Aboda, located in east Sudan. I migrated to Australia in October 2013 at age 15. I joined Harristown High school in 2014 and finished in 2018. I’ve had work experience in the Construction […]



Engaging Communities for Learning Program​


Research Centre

CEDAR Centre conducts studies and uses the data from this research to continually develop and grow. Our quality of training and effective professional development is strengthened and always evolving due to this research.

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