CEDAR Centre’s new ambassador – Jason!

Announcing Cedar Centre’s Ambassador, Jason Quattromani! 

Jason is well connected in the community sector, experienced in various roles with community organisations like David Wallis Consulting, Rosie’s, Toowoomba Clubhouse and of course, Cedar Centre. 

He is passionate in helping people to achieve their full potential and connecting with humans from all walks of life. Jason started working with Cedar Centre about 18 months ago when he volunteered at Toowoomba Clubhouse and they recommended he do his support work certification with Cedar Centre Training. Jason now enjoys talking with students as part of their training. He loves the culture of diversity and inclusion that permeates Cedar Centre. Jason has found it a place for second chances studying with 3 mums who were re-entering the workforce, along with refugees upskilling and being ready to give to others in the community. 

His vision for this Ambassador role is to work the name of this organisation into the community –with hopes of using his connections in the community and council to tell especially good news stories through Toowoomba’s well-known street art culture. 

Jason’s personal goal is continually working at keeping an open-mind to keep a soft heart. In his spare time, Jason doesn’t seem to stop moving! An enthusiastic muso, he plays guitar and writes songs. He also plays bass guitar in the St Barts church progressive rock band. His fitness regime includes the very physically intense Muay Thai fighting. Jason also makes time for family with his mum and 2 sisters and nieces all living locally. 

It’s obvious why this passionate heart is perfect for the job of Cedar Centre Ambassador!